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Another Man's Son

I'm working on chapter 7 right now. The ending is already written; I just have to get from point A to point B. Anyone want to see Char & Garma doing anything in particular, or having any particular conversation? At the moment they're not speaking to each other still, but they will be.

A Wedding Scene

(This takes place after a big Royal Wedding.)

“I want to go horseback riding this weekend,” Char told Garma in the week after they returned from their honeymoon. So they did.
They had a wonderful canter across the meadow, slowing as they reached the acre or so of forest. Char slowed Nebraska and steered the big horse onto the path. Garma followed on Katyusha. Garma quickly realized that Char had reconned this area already; he had two saddlebags and was heading somewhere he clearly knew.
Garma felt nervous, then suppressed it. He and Char were married. Char was his husband. Marcus had said Char was unlikely to try to harm him or any of the other members of the Royal Family. “He’s looking for security at this point,” the psychiatrist had assured him.
Char and Nebraska entered an almost perfect circle of pine and maple trees. The forest floor was littered with pine needles and cones, although the leaves of the maples weren’t falling yet. He reined in Nebraska and dismounted, stopping to hobble the horse near a patch of grass. Garma quickly did the same, aware of Char opening the saddlebags nearby.
Char removed a yoga block, a board the size of a small school table and two sticklike objects. He put the board on the block and the two sticks turned out to be a white candle and a red candle in glass cups. He placed a small knife on the table and a clear plastic cup that he filled with red wine.
“What’s this?” Garma asked.
“For the wedding I wanted us to have,” Char said. “The big cathedral ceremony was for your family and the country. This is for us.”
“Oh,” Garma said. “This is great. I love this.”
“We need something of our own. I could have done this on our honeymoon, but I wanted the horses here.”
Garma had nothing to say to that. Char lit the candles and reached out to Garma. Garma took his hand and they stood together in front of the makeshift altar.
“Garma, I love you,” Char began. “I want you as my husband and I want to be yours. If you say yes, I’ll promise to stay with you until one or both of us dies.”
Garma’s eyes suddenly filled with tears. “Yes. Yes, Char, I want to be your husband, and I want you to be mine.”
“Yes. Yes, Garma, I want that, with all my heart. “
Garma reached up with his free hand to wipe at his eyes. “If you’d let me know, I would have brought a guitar.”
Char winced. “You’re right. Sorry.”
“It’s okay. This is fine. This is beautiful. “ He raised his hand and drew Char into his arms. They stood holding each other for a long time as birds sang around them and the horses munched grass.
“You must have a song in mind,” Char murmured.
“Of course.” Garma pulled away from him and took both hands in his own. He closed his eyes and began to sing quietly.
Hustle, bustle and so much muscle,
Cells about to separate
And I find it hard to concentrate and

Temporary this cash and carry
I'm stepping up to indicate
The time has come to deviate and

All I want is for you to be happy and
Take this moment to make you my family and
Finally you have found something perfect and
Finally you have found…

Death defying this mess I'm buying
It's raining down with love and hate
And I find it hard to motivate and

Estuary is blessed but scary your
Heart's about to palpitate
And I'm not about to hesitate and

One to treasure the rest of your days here and
Give you pleasure in so many ways dear and
Finally you have found something perfect and
Finally you have found...

Do you want me to show up for duty and
Serve this man here and honour his beauty and
Finally you have found something perfect and
Finally you have found... yourself

With me... will... you... agree to take
This man... into your world...
And now... we are as one...

My lone ranger the heat exchanger
Is living in this figure eight
And I'll do my best to recreate and

Sweet precision and soft collision
Hearts about to palpitate
And I find it hard to separate and

All I want is for you to be happy and
Take your hand now and make you my family and
Finally you have found someone perfect and
Finally you have found... now

All I want is for you to be happy and
Take your hand now and make you my family and
Finally you have found someone perfect and
Finally you have found... yourself

Char had tears in his own eyes now. They came together in a kiss. When they separated, Char said, “I do have one little thing left. Don’t be scared.”

He took the knife up from the altar and quickly jabbed his left forearm. As it leaked blood, he took Garma’s left hand and did the same. They held their forearms together for a moment, then Char removed his skin from Garma’s. “I read about that in a book when I was a kid. It made sense to me. Now we share blood.”
“Maybe someday, for real. There are ways we could have a baby together. That’s been on my mind, lately. “ Garma accepted the adhesive bandage Char was holding out.

“I’m not ready for a baby,” Char said.

“I’m not either, but I’m thinking about it,” Garma told him.

Char reached down for the plastic cup of wine. He drained half of it and handed it to Garma, who finished it off.

“I brought a sleeping bag,” Char admitted. “And more wine.”

“Bring them both out,” Garma said.

Gundam Origins is going to be Animated

How do you guys feel about that?  And more so, how Char and Garma are going to play a role in it?

Snippet from a wedding story

I was feeling self-indulgent. Char and Garma are getting married. Char has stopped denying he's a deeply messed-up kid from being raised to kill a whole family and is in serious therapy. It's the night before their wedding.


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I made another short comic :D

AU, where Casval and Garma can live like proper friends --and lovers >D
I'm planning to continue this, so look forward to it :D !

Feel free to read and comment over here: http://daevakun.altervista.org/gallery/gundam02.php
During a search, I came to find this old picture:

..Garma is so cute and tiny here XDD And the heights are quite off considering the original height chart from the anime...
Is Yas trying to send us a message about who tops and who bottoms here, ahah XD ..?