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Zeon Odyssey: Genesis, Prologue

This story plays with the idea of what would transpire if Garma Zabi had survived the night he was meant to die. It's set in an Alternative Universe, and deals with what allies and enemies Garma would make when push comes to shove. And overall, how his actions will affect Zeon and its people.

There will be sexual themes later on, and definitely a few violent encounters. And the first story of the Trilogy will take place during the One Year War.  I want to give a heads up that this story will focus on the friendship between Char and Garma only, and this theme plays heavily into it.  I also don't want to give anyone the wrong impression that will lead to disappointment, so I'm addressing this now.  Garma Zabi will be the main character throughout all of this trilogy and the majority of the time it will be from his point of view.

Title: Zeon Odyssey: Genesis
Summary: Running out of options, Garma decides to set out in his Zaku with Char to track down the Trojan Horse in Seattle. It seemed commonplace, but the events that transpire from this choice will forever change the fate of Zeon.
Rating:  PG-13

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Fanfiction Recommendations

So after browsing FF.net, I came across some great fanfiction revolving around Char, Garma, and Charma. If you have the time, you've got to read some of these.

Another Man's Son by kishiriadgr. (It has plenty of Char/Garma and takes place during their time at the Academy.)

Ave Atque Vale by kishiriadgr (Kycilia reflects on Garma's death.)

Eaglet of Jion by kishiriadgr (Garma decides to fly a Zaku.)

Twice as Much byvan (Deals with the death of Nalisse Zabi with a cameo of baby Garma. If you feel nothing after reading this story, YOU HAVE NO SOUL.)

Now go read! GO GO GO!

Also, if you haven't read Belonging by van yet, do so now!  It's M-Rated Char/Garma goodness.
All this stuff is thanks to my friend who is a major gundam fan.

Particularly interesting is this one: https://picasaweb.google.com/113419487653072786918/AnotherCenturyChronicleVol1OneYearWarUC00790080#5636435138647552706

The Zeon uniforms and their associated ranks are explained here (now, a translation would be wonderful...still trying to find one)

Ah, but this gallery has a bunch of Gundam related scans:
...and each of those is a whole album full of stuff.

There's also a bunch of other mecha stuff and hobby magazines; they do have the scans for the 0079 novels (if you can read em).

On another not, the same friend who found these has also offered art commissions as a Christmas present to me (^_^v) and I think I know what I will request...

A question :/ ...

...So, I was browsing the Gundam Wiki about Char, and I read there that "Char also has a small, diagonal scar between his eyes, [...] is later revealed that he got it as a result from a sword duel with Garma back in their military academy days"...
Do you know anything about this episode :/ ? I didn't watch all the existing Gundam series, so maybe I missed it out..? Or was is from some OVA/novel/manga spin-off thing..?

Some new art to share :3

First, a very stupid comic that I want to share just to show off my website (XD):

And then, under the cut, a selection of coloured sketches that I conceived time ago but crap-coloured only today :DCollapse )

Enjoy x3 (I hope XD)
*goes to draw some more Zeon-related crap*

New to this community!

I guess I'll introduce myself with a bunch of Gelbooru pics I found the other day:

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